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About Francine

I consider myself so fortunate to earn a living doing what I love. Helping people find financial clarity and reaching their goals is immensely satisfying. I was born and raised in Toronto and still live here and confess that I love Toronto and city life.

Despite being busy with work, I know how important it is to maintain a balanced life. In that spirit, I lead hikes throughout southern Ontario for the Mosaic Outdoor Club and find nature very therapeutic. I love riding my bicycle along the Toronto waterfront and always find new adventures. I am also a member of the Alumnae Theatre and have had several readings and productions of my plays. Wedding Night in Canada was a hit at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2010.

I have been on the Boards of several non-profit organizations and am a tireless volunteer (can I ever say no?). These days I am busy lending a hand to two Eritrean brothers I helped sponsor to Canada as refugees. They have settled in wonderfully and now we are working to bring their families over.

My parents introduced me to traveling and it remains a passion. Meeting new people, exploring other cultures and understanding the world we live in are great experiences. I spent the past few years exploring Canada with my sister, visiting Haida Gwaii, Vancouver Island and Northern British Columbia. Not to forget the East Coast, I finally checked Newfoundland off as the 10th province to visit. Now on to Nunavit!

I am blessed with three wonderful children and their partners who all live in Toronto. Although I grew up with dogs, I have changed into a complete cat person and currently live with a tabby who is a great mouser and office supervisor. She even has her own water mug on my desk.
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