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Financial Planning

Need a roadmap to a secure financial future? No matter where you are on your journey, I can help.

The best time to start planning is 20 years ago. The second best time is today. Let’s get started.

Let’s Connect

We’ll start with a complimentary discovery call so I can learn more about you. Where are you now? What are your hopes/wishes for the future? What are your worries? We’ll talk about your work situation, any family dynamics/issues, your current savings and goals in the short and long term. And you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything.

Next Steps and Cost

I’ll send a summary of our discussion and explain how the process will work and what would be needed to prepare a plan. You can decide if you feel it would be beneficial for us to work together. The general fee for a thorough financial plan is $795. However, if your needs are less complex, the fee can be reduced. Conversely, if it is more complex, such as with corporate considerations, the fee would be more.

Let's Dig In

When you decide to proceed, I’ll send along a Terms of Engagement letter (don’t worry, it’s not a contract) and request a deposit. We’ll meet over the phone, through Zoom or in person to dig deeper into your current situation and how you envision your future. Planning is about more than money so I’ll ask about your will and powers-of-attorney and if you and/or your family are protected with insurance. I’ll also gather factual information such as investment statements, workplace pensions, expected Canada Pension Plan benefit, mortgage information and more. This session is usually 60 to 90 minutes long.

See You Later

I’ll take all the information I gathered and what we discussed and put together a plan with two or three scenarios. What does it look like if you retire at 62 instead of 65? What if you move to a smaller community? Is home ownership possible? Then we would meet either on Zoom or in person to review these plans and make any adjustments. I’d then follow up by sending PDFs of the plans.

I'm Still Here

I’ll check in to see how things are going, if there have been any changes and if you have any questions. I’ll be here to help you take any actions suggested and support you.
Let's Talk